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    About The Author

    Born in Raceland, Louisiana, K.A. Wright is a visionary, agent for change, and international children’s author. He is proud to introduce the 2nd edition of his first body of work… “Perfect, Just Like You!: A Healthy Way to Love & Learn” and its companion Coloring book/workbook.
    Wright uses beautiful rhythmic poems to tackle topics such as racism, low self- esteem, bullying, and self-hate. His goal is to make the world a little bit better than yesterday by restoring the confidence within the children who will one day inherit it.
    K.A. Wright was inspired to write “Perfect, Just Like You!” when he learned his 5 year-old cousin expressed discontent for dolls that looked like her. Recognizing that her reaction reflected the development of a harmful self-image, Wright wanted to create something that could help his cousin and other children understand the importance of self-love.
    Wright is fascinated by the stories and modes of self-expression of others. As a middle child who has been both the admiring younger sibling and the protective older brother, he understands the importance of discovering and sharing one’s voice. K.A. Wright has been expressing himself through poetry since middle school. He believes art is life, and it can be used as a vehicle to nurture the world in which we live and upon which we all have a great responsibility to make a positive impact.


    Can you imagine the beautiful spark of light that you helped to create, raise, and protect, has an unpleasant experience in their childhood that negatively affects their growth and development? Could you imagine the damage that is done to our children when they are being bullied or abused and scared to speak out about it? Could you imagine, a child trying to focus on learning but because he/she lives in a toxic environment and is considered a troublemaker because he shuts down or becomes the bully because he thinks its normal to behave this way? As a Parent or Guardian, I am certain that your answer is no! Unfortunately, sometimes these things are out of our control. Today is a new day. Today we don't have to sit by any longer believing that all hope is lost for children. Today we have Perfect, Just Like You!
    Perfect, Just Like You! is more than a children's book, Its a world changing tool that was created to help children around the world to not only love and embrace their own differences, but to also acknowledge, respect, and embrace the differences of others. Our goal is to see to it that our children understand the importance of loving themselves unconditionally. We believe through actively practicing self love we can change the world. Help us today by inviting Perfect, Just Like You! to your home. Its a gift that will continue to give for years to come.

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