Meet The Crew

Age: 7yrs
Color: Turquoise and Purple
Hobby: Fencing
Fun Fact: Jewels loves to draw and paint
Age: 6yrs 
Color: Pink and Teal
Hobby: Boxing
Fun Fact: Kaleah loves reading and knows how to play chess
Age: 7yrs
Color: Yellow
Hobby: Studying the sounds of various birds
Fun Fact: Chloe loves ping pong
Age: 7yrs
Color: Green
Hobby: Skateboarding
Fun Fact: Jayden Loves Airplanes

Age: 6yrs
Color: Red
Hobby: Soccer
Fun Fact: Mateo can play the drums
Age: 7yrs
Color: Blue
Hobby: Inventor
Fun Fact: Fascinated by Elephants and owns a rock collection
Age: 8yrs
Color: Orange
Hobby: Dance
Fun Fact; Likes to journal and create her own stories