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Perfect, Just Like You!

Perfect, Just Like You! : A Healthy Way To Love & Learn (2nd Edition) (SOFTCOVER)

Perfect, Just Like You! : A Healthy Way To Love & Learn (2nd Edition) (SOFTCOVER)

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Looking for inclusive books for children with substance for your classroom or home? You’ve come to the right place!
Written by K.A. Wright, “Perfect, Just Like You! A Healthy Way to Love & Learn” is a thoughtfully crafted, fun and interactive tool. It was created to help children from all walks of life combat the effects of negative words and energy our children often endure when dealing with racism, any disability or disease, low self-esteem, bullying, and self-hate.
“Perfect, Just Like You!” teaches children self love and the importance of cultivating the beauty within. It contains inclusive images that acknowledge and respect the differences of each individual, confidence building poems, uplifting affirmations, sight words to help young readers expand their vocabulary, puzzle piece breakdowns, a special message sent with care that speaks to child molestation and suicide prevention, mental health resources, and so much more! 

PJLY is a positive and intentional body of work for readers to enjoy for generations to come.
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